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Ways to Promote with LikeNET


  • Provide a fun photo souvenir opportunity free for guests at your business
  • Get qualitative survey data you can use 
  • Drive traffic to your business and make their experience memorable

Facebook Likes

  • Facebook Likes are real people subscribing to follow your business' Facebook page
  • You can directly contact these people who Like your page
  • You can see how viral your posts are and how many people Like and/or respond to them
  • Everything you post enters the news stream of your Likers/subscribers
  • Things your subscribers like can instantly be shared with a larger audience
  • More Likes make your business look bigger
  • Get thousands of Likes in a short time, from your target audience or local population

Lead Generation (Surveys)

  • Get a feel for who knows about your brand/business
  • Find out anything you want to know from your target audience
  • Generate real leads – get the contact information for people interested in your products/services
  • Turn survey results into information you can really use

Traffic Generation with Find-a-Code

  • Visitors read through your websites content to find the hidden code (redeemable for incentive)
  • Get thousands of targeted unique visits to your website
  • Increase Search Engine Optimization
  • A good chance to convert your target audience into sales

Pitch Opportunities with Phone4Code

  • Get your target audience to call your business and listen to what you have to say to obtain their redeemable code
  • Direct contact with a potential consumer offers you the opportunity to make sales

Customers Through your Door with Code-in-Store

  • Get your target audience to come to your business in person to obtain their redeemable code
  • Face-to-face communication with a potential new customer provides the best opportunity for making a sale

Banner Advertisement on LikeNET.ca

  • High-exposure advertisement on a website with over 40,000 unique visits per month

Sell on LikeNET’s Marketplace

  • Get your name and product in front of your target audience and offer them the opportunity to buy instantly
  • Thousands of visitors from across Canada – or target your city
  • Built in eCommerce – no need for a separate eCommerce website or online merchant account


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