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LikeNET is a project by SoftCorp Software Ltd. based out of beautiful Victoria BC.

Meet the SoftCorp Team!


SoftCorp's team is here to help you! We take the time to build a relationship our clients; this helps us build the perfect solution for any business big or small.

Sukhi Lalli

General Manager / Co-Owner

Twenty-five years of using inadequate software provoked Sukhi into taking the steps necessary to build SoftCorp's CMS and especially the CRM. His 40 year business career as both an entrepreneur and a Pharmacist has led him to believe that software should suit the user-- not the other way around. His experience running businesses, such as retail, publishing, and event promotions, has given him the experience to understand the needs of both large and small organizations that require strong lines of communications.

Sukhi emigrated from India in 1969 and began his career as a Pharmacist in 1976. SoftCorp began its life as a software design company due to the absence of suitable software for pharmacy use, and has evolved into the development of the CRM and the CMS, two of the most essential web business solutions available today. Sukhi's business career in pharmacy has provided him with great insight into the electronic storage needs of all sizes and types of businesses.

Eric MacDougall

Lead Programmer / Co-Owner

Eric has been passionate about technology since his first Ace computer camp at the age of 10. When Eric was young, he found pride in creating video games and websites for teachers and friends, and soon realized this was the field he wanted to dedicate himself to. Eric has been professionally developing websites and software for over 10 years. He has a strong, professional understanding of "cutting-edge" technology and innovative solutions.

With knowledge of multiple programming languages (PHP, Javascript, C#) and his experience with computer repairs, graphic design, and server configuration, Eric prides himself on his versatility in the IT industry. Eric likes to think outside the box and come up with creative new ideas to push marketing and software to the next level such as LIkeNET which is taking social media by storm.


Taylor Cotter

Public Relations / Designer

Taylor has been passionate about web development for many years and has a true eye for design. With modern thoughts and bold design techniques, she provides excellent design services.

Taylor has years of experience working in Public Relations; this is why she wants to make your experience with SoftCorp very personal and efficient. Taylor has experience with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator and continues to learn more about design and different techniques.

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